Posted on August 13, 2019

When was the town founded?

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The town of Knysna was founded in 1804 by George Rex who was thought to be the illegitimate son of King George III.

What industry was Knysna famous for?

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This quaint town was once the centre of the timber industry - when George Rex settled in the area, the land was covered in indigenous forests which began the famous timber trade.

Can You Name THis?

The Sanctuary
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The correct answer is Pansy Shell or Sand Dollar. The common misconception with these beautiful shells is that they are sedimentary - they are, in fact, a type of burrowing urchin that live in shallow bays and estuaries. When alive, the Pansy is purple in colour and covered in furry bristles. When it dies, it takes around a week to be bleached by salt and sun.

Which endangered animal is named after the town?

Sally Kromberg
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It is, in fact, the Knysna Seahorse which was named after the town. The species is said to have survived for around 40 million years so far and steps are being taken to ensure it lasts many more!

The knysna heads are said to be the most dangerous ______ in the world

Ian Flemming
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The British Royal Navy once dubbed the Heads as the most dangerous harbour entrance in the world. Due to rocks and unpredictable conditions, the Heads are a notorious resting place for many fisherman and seaman that unsuccessfully tried to navigate through.

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